Software Developer & Entrepreneur

Cody Fletcher is an Orange County-based entrepreneur with a deep background in software development. His career has spanned numerous roles, responsibilities, and technologies, including: technical trainer, Agile coach, mobile app development, web development, console video games, relational and NoSQL databases, cloud architecture, UI/UX, product ownership, VP of Technology, business owner, and servant leader.

Skills & Capabilities

  • 20+ years as Software Developer and Technology Leader
  • Certified Scrum Developer® Instructor
  • 2019 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award Finalist
  • Roles include: Software Developer, Agile Coach, Certified Technical Trainer, Sales, Photographer, Product Owner/Manager, CEO


Scrum Alliance

The Scrum Alliance is the largest certifying body in the Agile community.

  • Certified Scrum Developer® Instructor Certified Scrum Developer® Instructor
  • Certified Agile Leader, I Certified Agile Leader, I
  • Certified Scrum Developer® Certified Scrum Developer®
  • Certified ScrumMaster® Certified ScrumMaster®
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner® Certified Scrum Product Owner®
  • Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner
  • Certified Scrum Professional - ScrumMaster Certified Scrum Professional - ScrumMaster
  • Registered Education Provider Registered Education Provider

LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum)

LeSS is the industry leader for organizations looking to apply Agile and Scrum to large and multisite product development organizations.

  • Certified LeSS Practitioner Certified LeSS Practitioner

Coached, Trained, and Built Teams

Colleagues and Clients

I've been lucky to work with a lot of good technical managers in my career, but Cody stands out to me among them all as a technologist with a true passion for building technology the right way. He taught me to enjoy coding again, and how to build quality and agile values into our day-to-day processes. It was truly a privilege to work with Cody and I hope I have the opportunity to do so more in the future.

Matt Brunmeier
Senior Software Engineer & Manager

Cody is an amazing teacher, mentor, and a great manager. Under his leadership, I felt empowered and was challenged to execute what is best for the business and the team. Cody is great at recognizing individuals’ strengths while nurturing them in the areas that needed improvement; He built an amazing team and established ‘Agile’ system, fostered a learning culture, and challenged status quo. It’s been an honor/privilege working with Cody and I strongly believe that he would be a huge asset to any organization.

Lavanya Tamarapalli
Senior Manager & Software Developer

Cody is an awesome communicator, teacher, and boss. Under him, I was inspired to do my best and was challenged to pursue tasks outside my comfort zone that allowed me to grow and learn. Cody is competent at recognizing individuals’ talents and knowing what tasks to give to individuals based on their strengths. He taught us a lot on Agile, made consistent learning a part of our day to day, and made us all voice our opinions often, as he cared what we thought. If you get the chance to work with Cody, consider yourself lucky and take advantage of all that he knows.

Amir Bahadori
Automation & QA Engineer


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